Build a site

Using Bullet

The infinite possibilities of building websites using Bullet

Ecommerce site

Build and launch your ecommerce by editing a pre-built template in Bullet.

Personal site

Own a perfect portfolio within minutes by editing Bullet’s portfolio template.

Embed anything

Your templates are completely customizable. Add, remove or embed anything to make your website look beautiful.
React-Router v6+ Answer import { useNavigate } from "react-router-dom";

CTA for the win

Add CTAs when needed, after all, don’t we want our target audience to click through and experience the magic of our product?
; function Component() { let navigate = useNavigate(); // Somewhere in your code, e.g. inside a handler: navigate("/posts"); }
Adding a call to action button

Multiple landing pages

Create multiple landing pages personalized for your USP everyday by just editing templates from Bullet.

Callout stands out

The callouts in Notion are turned into beautiful blocks by Bullet. Don’t forget to add them to highlight values and features.
Add a callout, change colours and customize the icon for your website.

Clean navigation

Add a clear navigation bar on either side of Notion. Include guides, to-do’s and your most important feature to explore.